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2016-07-17Update to SOGo-3.1.4.DJ Lucas
2016-06-25Update to SOGo-3.1.3DJ Lucas
2016-06-08Update to SOGo-3.1.2.DJ Lucas
2016-06-02Update to SOGo-3.1.1.DJ Lucas
2016-05-18Update to SOGo-3.1.0DJ Lucas
2016-05-04Update to SOGo-3.0.2DJ Lucas
2015-12-04Return to openchange from openchange-git, remove unneeded patchDJ Lucas
2015-11-28Use openchange-git for now.DJ Lucas
2015-11-27Update to sogo-3.3.3aDJ Lucas
2015-10-31Update sogo/sope dependency versionsSteven Hiscocks
2015-10-31Update 2.3.2Steven Hiscocks
2015-07-28Update to 2.3.1DJ Lucas
2015-07-21Bump to 2.3.0-2 in .SRCINFODJ Lucas
2015-07-17Initial commitDJ Lucas