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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-02-13Depend on electron2, only build onceChristian Bundy
2018-08-06Depend on system ElectronChristian Bundy
2018-07-24Rebuild Node modules to match Electron's Node versionChristian Bundy
2018-07-24Transition to ssb-patchwork-gitChristian Bundy
2018-07-20Release 3.10.1-1Christian Bundy
2018-07-10Add .SRCINFO for v3.10.0 releaseChristian Bundy
2018-05-06Release 3.9.0-3Christian Bundy
2018-05-06Move `nodejs-lts-carbon` and `npm` to `makedepends`Christian Bundy
2018-04-30Release 3.9.0-2Christian Bundy
2018-04-29Use Node.js LTS (Carbon, 8.11.1)Christian Bundy
This replaces the out-of-date AUR dependency with an intentionally compatible version hosted as an official Arch package.
2018-04-29Bump versionDaniel Landau
2018-02-22Bump versionDaniel Landau
2018-02-22Pass along argumentsDaniel Landau
2018-02-04add 'Network' category to ssb desktop file to fix menuspypper
2017-12-19Upgrade ssb-patchwork to 3.8.6pypper
2017-11-16Upgrade ssb-patchwork to 3.7.1,pypper
Version bump and md5sum add self to maintainers list
2017-09-09Initial commitDaniel Landau