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2021-10-26ensure unique source filenames to avoid conflictsAlesh Slovak
2021-09-10release 1.8.4Alesh Slovak
2021-06-26release 1.8.3Alesh Slovak
2021-06-19add alsa-utils opt dependency for audio media keysAlesh Slovak
2021-06-19release 1.8.2Alesh Slovak
2021-06-12release 1.8.1Alesh Slovak
2021-06-06release 1.8.0Alesh Slovak
2021-04-29release 1.7.1Alesh Slovak
2021-04-22release 1.7.0Alesh Slovak
2021-01-06release 1.6.1Alesh Slovak
2021-01-03release 1.6.0Alesh Slovak
2020-06-20release 1.5.2Alesh Slovak
2020-03-28release 1.5.1Alesh Slovak
2020-03-28update steamos-modeswitch-inhibitor source urlAlesh Slovak
2020-03-25release 1.5.0Alesh Slovak
2019-09-29release 1.4.1Alesh Slovak
2019-09-02release 1.4.0Alesh Slovak
2019-08-22release 1.3.0Alesh Slovak
2019-07-29release 1.2.0Alesh Slovak
2019-07-20add required dependency on xorg-xrandrAlesh Slovak calls out to xrandr
2019-07-18update for repo moveAlesh Slovak
2019-04-17release 1.1.2Alesh Slovak
2019-03-20release 1.1.1Alesh Slovak
2019-02-19release 1.1.0Alesh Slovak
2019-01-27install from github archive & remove READMEsAlesh Slovak
2019-01-26initial commitAlesh Slovak