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2017-08-15add python-pysocks for SOCKS proxies, PR #1143Josip Ponjavic
2017-08-03new dep python-websocket-client for vaughnlive pluginJosip Ponjavic
2017-06-30bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-05-11bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-04-26bump for updated ustream plugin, remove optional python-librtmpJosip Ponjavic
2017-04-04bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-03-19add option to use pycrypto and pycountryJosip Ponjavic
2017-03-10bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-02-10bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-02-05add python-pycountry to checkdepends for testsJosip Ponjavic
2017-02-03bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-01-27revert python-crypto patchJosip Ponjavic
2017-01-26switch to python-crypto with fedora patch and use fedora source without win32...Josip Ponjavic
2017-01-26bump, add python-iso3166 and python-iso639 dependenciesJosip Ponjavic
2017-01-24pkg bump to 0.3.0Josip Ponjavic
2017-01-13add ffmpeg to optdependsJosip Ponjavic
2017-01-06python 3.6 rebuildJosip Ponjavic
2016-12-17bumpJosip Ponjavic
2016-12-16fix...Josip Ponjavic
2016-12-15add new checkdepends...Josip Ponjavic
2016-12-06Remove requests sed line, add check section python-pytestJosip Ponjavic
2016-11-25temporary fix to buildJosip Ponjavic
2016-11-24set python-requests<2.12, fix for youtube streams and add python-pycryptodome...Josip Ponjavic
2016-11-21update...Josip Ponjavic
2016-10-02add missing man installJosip
2016-10-01Initial importJosip