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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-13Use the current commit in pkgvermorguldir
2020-07-13Update pkgver() to include version, add python-click dependencymorguldir
2020-05-09Remove the version requirement for pytmx in tuxemonmorguldir
2020-05-08Properly install the package and required mods, the package now runs againmorguldir
2017-04-19update version, new depSebastian Gumprich
2017-01-01add more deps according to project githubSebastian Gumprich
2016-08-28update deps, use dev-branch of git-repoSebastian Gumprich
2016-06-18add binary for easier startingSebastian Gumprich
2015-12-28Change dir-name to lower-caseSebastian Gumprich
2015-12-27update metadataSebastian Gumprich
2015-12-27Remove python2 dependencies, add new depsSebastian Gumprich
2015-08-11Update to 2, add post-install messageSebastian Gumprich
2015-08-11Update to 1.0.1Sebastian Gumprich
2015-08-11Initial importSebastian Gumprich