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2020-03-25Adding unzip make dependency and modifying inject.js to support multiple ↵frealgagu
languages with a single regex.
2020-03-12Adding support for other languages.frealgagu
2020-02-08Using correct folder and binary names regardless of generated ones by ↵frealgagu
2020-01-30Fixing bug in folder name.frealgagu
2019-12-18Adding optdepend libindicator-gtk3frealgagu
2019-09-29Setting permissions to 644 for non executable files.frealgagu
2019-05-28Changing StartupWMClass from whatsapp-nativefier to ↵frealgagu
whats-app-nativefier-d52542 in .desktop to avoid issues with plank.
2019-04-12Fixing inject to skip browser validation.frealgagu
2019-02-01Adding --single-instance flag to nativefier to allow only one instance.frealgagu
2018-12-20Adding icons to /usr/share/icons/hicolor folder.frealgagu
2018-12-14Initial commit.frealgagu