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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-11-21Update for yabridge 3.7.0Robbert van der Helm
2021-10-15Update .SRCINFO, oopsRobbert van der Helm
You never forget to do this, until you do.
2021-08-24Add git to the makedependsRobbert van der Helm
Since this is used for the reflink dependency
2021-08-08Update for yabridge 3.5.2Robbert van der Helm
2021-07-31Update for yabridge 3.5.1Robbert van der Helm
2021-07-23Update for yabridge 3.5.0Robbert van der Helm
2021-07-15Update for yabridge 3.4.0Robbert van der Helm
2021-06-09Update for yabridge 3.3.1Robbert van der Helm
2021-06-03Update for yabridge 3.3.0Robbert van der Helm
2021-05-03Update for yabridge 3.2.0Robbert van der Helm
2021-04-15Update for yabridge 3.1.0Robbert van der Helm
2021-03-07Update for yabridge 3.0.2Robbert van der Helm
2021-02-26Update for yabridge 3.0.1Robbert van der Helm
2021-02-14Update for yabridge 3.0.0Robbert van der Helm
2020-12-12Update for yabridge 2.2.1Robbert van der Helm
2020-12-11Update for yabridge 2.2.0Robbert van der Helm
2020-11-20Update for yabridge 2.1.0Robbert van der Helm
2020-11-20Add a package for plain yabridgectlRobbert van der Helm
A `yabridgectl-git` package seemed like an easy solution to have one fewer package to maintain, but it does make it harder to introduce soem breaking changes.