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2020-05-30"ChangeBrendan Szymanski
2020-05-30AddBrendan Szymanski
2020-04-23Include temporary workaround until issue 3754 is resolved Szymanski
2020-02-07Add SDL exception fixBrendan Szymanski
2020-01-29Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2020-01-06Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-12-11Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-12-05Add CXX flag to disable precompiled headers to fix a boost errorBrendan Szymanski
2019-12-02Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-11-29Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-11-27Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-09-04Update package numberBrendan Szymanski
2019-08-26Update package numberBrendan Szymanski
2019-07-11Update from python to python2Brendan Szymanski
2019-06-20Add a workaround for a build error in the fmt libraryBrendan Szymanski
2019-06-18Automate submodule updating, provide conflict warnings, add title build infor...Brendan Szymanski
2018-08-08Remove hacks fixed upstreamZion Nimchuk
2018-08-06fix issues with mbedtlsZion Nimchuk
2018-08-03Fix build and workaround cubeb cmakeZion Nimchuk
2018-03-07Add python2 make dependencyZion Nimchuk
2018-02-06Yet another silly mistakeZion Nimchuk
2018-02-04Minor fixesZion Nimchuk
2018-01-16Silly mistakeZion Nimchuk
2018-01-16Hopefully fix unicorn buildZion Nimchuk
2018-01-14Initial CommitZion Nimchuk