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2020-08-21upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.4-2Eli Schwartz
2020-05-21upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.4-1Eli Schwartz
2020-04-14zfs-dkms: also update the .SRCINFO which did not happen due to cherry-pickingEli Schwartz
2020-02-28upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.3-2Eli Schwartz
2020-01-27upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.3-1Eli Schwartz
2019-09-26upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.2-1Eli Schwartz
2019-09-24zfs-dkms: update patch links and checksumsEli Schwartz
2019-09-22upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.1-2Eli Schwartz
2019-06-14upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.1-1Eli Schwartz
2019-05-26upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.0-1Eli Schwartz
2019-03-04upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.13-1Eli Schwartz
2019-01-02upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.12-2Eli Schwartz
2018-11-13upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.12-1Eli Schwartz
2018-10-30upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.11-2Eli Schwartz
2018-10-28upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.11-1Eli Schwartz
2018-10-28Don't install forked and bundled bash completion script.Eli Schwartz
2018-05-15Updated to pkgver 0.7.9Iacopo Isimbaldi
2018-04-27Updated to pkgver 0.7.8Iacopo Isimbaldi
2018-03-21Updated to pkgver 0.7.7Iacopo Isimbaldi
2018-03-13Updated to pkgver 0.7.6Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-12-26Updated to pkgver 0.7.5Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-10-21Updated to pkgver 0.7.3Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-10-07Updated to pkgver 0.7.2Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-08-19Updated sha256sumsIacopo Isimbaldi
2017-08-19Updated to pkgrel 2Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-08-13Updated to pkgver 0.7.1Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-07-13Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2017-06-24Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2017-02-12Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2016-09-20Updated sha256sumsIacopo Isimbaldi
2016-09-20Updated to pkgrel 2Iacopo Isimbaldi
2016-09-17Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2016-05-13Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2016-04-28Updated to pkgrel 2Iacopo Isimbaldi
2016-03-24Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2016-03-12Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2016-03-12Removed "zfs.install"Iacopo Isimbaldi
2016-01-15Updated to pkgrel 4Iacopo Isimbaldi
2016-01-12Merge branch 'dev'Iacopo Isimbaldi
2016-01-11Bump to pkgrel 3Iacopo Isimbaldi
2016-01-11Updated zfs.install and hookIacopo Isimbaldi
2016-01-11Add makedepends hack backBin Jin
2016-01-09remove git from makedepsBin Jin
2016-01-09Bump versionBin Jin
2015-12-30Add optdepends backBin Jin
2015-12-29Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2015-10-04Bump to version Isimbaldi
2015-08-08Added .gitignore and corrected wrong provides in PKGBUILDIacopo Isimbaldi
2015-08-08Dropped "-git" suffixIacopo Isimbaldi
2015-07-08AUR4 Initial CommitIacopo Isimbaldi