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2020-10-10 modified: .SRCINFOChristopher Patrick Fair
2020-09-04updated dependency for npm and added wails to the pathChristopher Patrick Fair
2020-09-01I realized that I was actually running into a problem with me having aChristopher Patrick Fair
2020-09-01 modified: .SRCINFOChristopher Patrick Fair
2020-09-01 Changes to be committed:Christopher Patrick Fair
2020-09-01realized I actually had to cd to the directory then execute ./wally-binChristopher Patrick Fair
2020-09-01I had to add a script that would run the wally executable with absolute path ...Christopher Patrick Fair
2020-08-28Had to modify the rw permissions of the src dir so that it could beChristopher Patrick Fair
2020-08-28Upgraded to wally version 2.0.0 which now must be built manually as theChristopher Patrick Fair
2020-08-28split zsa-wally to zsa-wally and zsa-wally-cliJiří Prokop
2019-08-17v1.1.1Jiří Prokop
2019-07-12v1.1.0Jiří Prokop
2019-07-01Initial commit with v1.0.0Jiří Prokop