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2018-08-16bump 4.17.15 using linux-hardened treeyar
2017-07-01ignore linux-stable (for testing a git version)yar
2017-07-01ignore paths relative from srcdiryar
2016-12-06ignore .diffyar
2016-01-19fix CVE-2016-0728yar
2015-07-03ignore src.tar.gz.sigyar
2015-07-03ignore patch filesyar
2015-07-03ignore build erratayar
2015-07-03clean up gitignoresyardenac
(everything uses xz lately)
2015-07-03metadata for AURyardenac
2015-07-03Bump 3.2.5twomyn
This has been in use for a while, only committing it now to simplify stage for further commits is back up and we use the base + patch system again Sublevel is now EXTRAVERSION There's some new packaging logic from the vanilla PKGBUILD - sets up an "extramodules" dir, I don't remember the reasoning but whatevs I hand-edited the new config a little just to make the commit look cleaner
2015-07-03briefly built from githubRubba Reduppa
2015-07-03update to 3.0.1Rubba Reduppa
2015-07-03gitignoreRubba Reduppa