path: root/08_linux_linode
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2019-11-03new mkinitcpio hookYardena Cohen
2017-04-03force console & ifnames w/kernel argsyar
this way i don't have to bother telling people to configure it in /etc/default/grub or make that symlink in /etc/udev/rules.d it's redundant on newer linodes. whatever.
2017-04-01report to stderr when writing grub menuyar
2017-04-01rw data=orderedyar
new linode has boot errors without these
2017-04-01oops - one more place to rename vmlinuzll-yar
2017-04-01use the same kernel cmdline from beforeyar
2017-03-31boot with modern grubyar
2016-12-07import 10_linux from core/grubyar
name it 08_linux_linode