AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-08upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.3-1asm0dey
upstream release
2020-11-22upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.2-1asm0dey
upstream release
2020-11-15upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.1-2asm0dey
2020-11-14upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.1-1asm0dey
upstream release
2020-10-30upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.0-5asm0dey
Refactoring og build process
2020-10-27upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.0-4asm0dey
Customizes installation process
2020-10-27upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.0-3asm0dey
2020-10-27upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.0-3asm0dey
Adds support for correct INITDIR RUNBASE and LOGBASE to the build process
2020-10-27upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.0-2asm0dey
Changes `package` section to match new build process (also removes whole installation process but copying files, cause it's inappropriate for Arch)
2020-10-22upgpkg: 3proxy 0.9.0-1asm0dey
upstream release
2019-08-03This changes nothing, don't look (
2018-10-14Adds hook support for user creationasm0dey
2018-08-27Adds systemd unit and support for any archasm0dey
2018-08-12Bumps version to 0.8.12asm0dey
2018-06-01Update to 0.8.12d0wn
2017-07-11Updated to 3proxy version 0.8.10d0wn
2016-03-26Update to 0.8.6d0wn
2016-03-26Update to version 0.8.6d0wn
2015-06-14Inital importd0wn