AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-06-21New upstream version 8.14.9Christopher Arndt
2020-02-19New upstream version 8.14.7Christopher Arndt
2019-11-05New upstream version 8.14.6Christopher Arndt
Remove 'freetype2' from depends, already coveerd by 'pango'.
2019-07-17New upstream version 8.14.5; license changed to GPL3Christopher Arndt
2019-06-09* New upstream version 8.14.4Christopher Arndt
* Added makedpends on 'python-docutils' for building man page Signed-off-by: Christopher Arndt <>
2018-06-03abcm2ps: Update to 8.13.22Narrat
And as the source is maintained on github, the source download changed to it
2015-08-277.8.14-1Simon Thorpe