AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-05-22Use 'npm pack' for creating the package filesFrank Seifferth
2022-05-22Update actual build commands to match current versionFrank Seifferth
2021-12-30Add git to makedependsFrank Seifferth
2020-04-30Add python2 to makedependsFrank Seifferth
2020-04-25Rename executable link dest and remove old dependencyFrank Seifferth
2019-11-21Update .SRCINFOFrank Seifferth
2019-11-21Add provides arrayFrank Seifferth
2019-11-21Update pkgver functionFrank Seifferth
2019-11-20Add PKGBUILD, .SRCINFO and abricotine.desktopFrank Seifferth