AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-18Remove upper limit for linux-ck versionmrfaber
2019-07-28Update for linux 5.2mrfaber
2019-06-08Update for linux 5.1mrfaber
2019-02-15Update compatible linux versionsmrfaber
2018-09-30Update .SRCINFOmrfaber
2018-09-30Change depends and makedepends to specific -ck packagesmrfaber
2018-09-30Change default pkgname to -ck instead of -ck-genericmrfaber
2018-09-30Update for linux-ck>4.18mrfaber
2016-03-27Update for 4.4.xAdam Hirst
2015-11-16Update .SRCINFO for 4.3.x changesAdam Hirst
2015-08-24.SRCINFO needed to be updated too...Adam Hirst
2015-08-24Forgot to set correct versionsAdam Hirst
2015-08-24Initial importAdam Hirst