AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-11Fix httpd-adminer sha256 sumMario Finelli
2016-03-10Bump pkgrelMario Finelli
2016-03-10Clean up PKGBUILDMario Finelli
2016-03-10Simplify installationMario Finelli
2016-03-10Update optional dependenciesMario Finelli
2016-03-10Remove open_basedir since PHP7 does not enable itMario Finelli
2016-03-10Add apache configuration to source listMario Finelli
2016-03-10Move apache configuration to new fileMario Finelli
2016-03-10Don't ignore adminer.installMario Finelli
2016-02-07Bump to version 4.2.4Mario Finelli
2016-02-07Add a gitignore whitelistMario Finelli
2015-11-28Bump to version 4.2.3Mario Finelli
2015-09-26Update new download URLMario Finelli
2015-08-18updated licenseOtto Sabart
2015-08-18updated SRCINFOOtto Sabart
2015-08-18bump to 4.2.2Otto Sabart
2015-06-30Initial importOtto Sabart