AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-08bump: update metaTianrui Wei
2023-05-08chore: bump to latestTianrui Wei
2022-07-22chore: bump version to 1.62Tianrui Wei
2022-04-08chore: bump package versionTianrui Wei
2022-04-08chore: add fuse2 as dependencyTianrui Wei
2021-10-11[misc] update maintainer informationTianrui Wei
2021-10-11[fix] add src infoTianrui Wei
2021-10-11[misc] bump package versionTianrui Wei
2021-07-03update to v1.60.2Marcio Silva
2021-05-08update to v1.59.1Marcio Silva
2021-02-24update to v1.59.0Marcio Silva
2021-02-03update to v1.58.2Marcio Silva
2021-01-24update to v1.58.0Marcio Silva
2020-12-20update to v1.57.0Marcio Silva
2020-10-30update to v1.56.2Marcio Silva
2020-09-17update to v1.55.1Marcio Silva
2020-09-14update to v1.55.0Marcio Silva
2020-08-28update to v1.54.2Marcio Silva
2020-08-24update to v1.54.1Marcio Silva
2020-08-03fix mistake on SRCINFOMarcio Silva
2020-08-03initial commit v1.54.0Marcio Silva