AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-03-24some clean upChristoph Haag
2020-01-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'aur/master'Matt Coffin
2020-01-19Fix build for xorg cleanup falloutMatt Coffin
The xorg cleanup ( caused the build to break due to the dependency dri2proto being rolled into xorgproto
2019-09-17add metrohash repoChristoph Haag
2019-09-05Add spvgenMatt Coffin
2019-09-02Fix build for 2019.Q3.5Matt Coffin
2019-07-18Fix build for 2019.Q3.2Matt Coffin
2019-07-18Actually pass flags to cmakeMatt Coffin
2019-06-24update and fix PKGBUILDChristoph Haag
2019-06-14Fix buildMatt Coffin
2019-06-14Use repo for downloading correct versions of dependenciesMatt Coffin
Previously, sources were downloaded by manually specifying branches for projects in the sources array in the PKGBUILD. This patch follows the instructions in the AMDVLK README to use the "repo" tool for managing dependencies. This is needed to avoid continually breaking the build by pulling the wrong versions of dependencies. The AMDVLK project maintains a "default.xml" file describing the required versions of each of the other repositories (but oddly hasn't yet specified `wsa`, so there's a temporary fix with the master branch of that still being in the sources array). v2: Fix pkgver sourcing, and use release tag from AMDVLK if available
2019-03-25add libxrandr makedepChristoph Haag
2018-08-16remove amdPalSettings.cfg, useless since libdrm 2.4.92Laurent Carlier
2018-07-14Disable LTOLaurent Carlier
2018-07-12Add LLPC git repository and a workaround for a PAL building failureLaurent Carlier
2018-03-31add wayland supportLaurent Carlier
2018-03-16oops, forgot srcinfoChristoph Haag
2018-03-16include some changes from lib32-amdvlk-gitChristoph Haag
2018-03-16fix path in icd fileLaurent Carlier
2018-03-07use upstream ICD; remove unused filesAdriƠ Cereto-MassaguƩ
2018-02-27llvm-amdvlk -> llvm and simply cmake build commandChristoph Haag
according to suggestions fom amdvlk devs
2018-02-07don't apply 0001-remove-linking-with-whole-archive-v2.patchChristoph Haag
2017-12-28forgot some filesLaurent Carlier
2017-12-28Update linking patch, please note that it doesn't build with clang :(Laurent Carlier
2017-12-23update .SRCINFOLaurent Carlier
2017-12-23- Complete Makedepends (fix building in chroot)Laurent Carlier
- Use patch instead of git am (fix building in chroot) - Change name of llvm tree (avoid conflicts if srcdest is defined) - Add missing license file (namcap warning) - Various cleanup
2017-12-23actually remove applying the patchChristoph Haag
2017-12-22switch to dev branches explicitely and remove patch for fixed constexpr issueChristoph Haag
2017-12-22add required settings & first makedepChristoph Haag
2017-12-22initialChristoph Haag