AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-11-09Use bpf processingPeter Jung
Signed-off-by: Peter Jung <>
2022-10-27Update std-format URLPeter Jung
Signed-off-by: Peter Jung <>
2022-10-27Add URLPeter Jung
Signed-off-by: Peter Jung <>
2022-10-27Fix submodule issuePeter Jung
Signed-off-by: Peter Jung <>
2022-09-26Change to --tags for pkgverdr460nf1r3
2022-01-12Cleanup cmake commandsAntoine Viallon
2021-12-16Add std-format submodule support + only build ananicy-cpp and only install ↵Antoine Viallon
Runtime component
2021-12-09Update pkgverAntoine Viallon
2021-07-31Added myself as a co-maintainer, update project URLAntoine Viallon
2021-07-31Bump pkgver to 1.0.0.rc1Antoine Viallon
2021-07-23Optdepend ananicy-rules-gitdr460nf1r3
2021-07-22Revert to using distro fmtlibAntoine Viallon
2021-07-21Update pkgverAntoine Viallon
2021-07-14Fix build failuresAntoine Viallon
2021-05-27Make ananicy an optional dependencyAntoine Viallon
2021-05-08Update .SRCINFOAntoine Viallon
2021-05-08Fix 'v' not being correctly stripped from tagAntoine Viallon
Also add systemd dependency
2021-05-01Fix pkgverdr460nf1r3
2021-04-30Remove v from pkgverdr460nf1r3
2021-04-28Update SRCINFOdr460nf1r3
2021-04-28Improve pkgverdr460nf1r3
2021-04-26Add provides/conflictsdr460nf1r3
2021-04-26Initial uploaddr460nf1r3