AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-11-02update to Debian 15.1-11ariasuni
2019-07-17update to Debian 15.1-10ariasuni
2019-03-08update to Debian 15.1-9ariasuni
2019-03-08add .gitignoreariasuni
2018-09-15update to Debian 15.1-7ariasuni
2018-04-23update to Debian 15.1-5Mélanie Chauvel
2018-02-21update to 15.1 and use/generate everything from the .debariasuni
2017-09-04update contributors and .SRCINFOariasuni
2017-09-04fix broken link and update to 15.0ariasuni
2016-04-02Added contributer "krompus" and SRCINFO file.henning mueller
2016-03-3114.0-4henning mueller
2015-07-05Initial importhenning mueller