AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-29Update to 0.1 and fixed PKGBUILDFilipe Bertelli
2021-06-12renamed my aur accountLenni vH
2020-08-24bump to 0.0.16sLenni vH
2020-06-05RollbackPCI Techie
2020-06-05Update to v0.0.16sPCI Techie
2019-04-10upgpkg: androidscreencast-bin 0.0.13s-2LinRs
2019-01-16migrate to source on Github and update to 0.0.13sLin Ruoshui
2017-10-19CleanupGavin Lloyd
2017-10-19CleanupGavin Lloyd
2017-10-19Use JAR files instead of JNLPGavin Lloyd
2017-02-24Use sha256sumsGavin Lloyd
2016-03-02Init commitGavin Lloyd