AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-194.2.0-1Julian Xhokaxhiu
2019-06-244.1.2-1Julian Xhokaxhiu
2019-03-124.1.1-1Julian Xhokaxhiu
2018-12-264.1.0-2Julian Xhokaxhiu
Fix downloaded file name, for the ones who never cleanup their environment
2018-12-254.1.0-1Julian Xhokaxhiu
2018-11-254.0.2-1Julian Xhokaxhiu
Refine the PKGBUILD making it lightweight Add support for native armv7 binary
2018-10-214.0.0-2Julian Xhokaxhiu
Add missing sections for armv7h arch
2018-10-104.0.0-1Julian Xhokaxhiu
2018-10-053.7.0-2Julian Xhokaxhiu
2018-10-05Add conflicts with antibody AUR packageJulian Xhokaxhiu
2018-10-05Add to the packageJulian Xhokaxhiu
2018-10-05Fix url parameterJulian Xhokaxhiu
2018-10-053.7.0Julian Xhokaxhiu