AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-07Version updateMark Walters
2023-02-12Version updated to 2.5.6Mark Walters
2023-01-25Updated to version 2.5.5. Also added db as a makedepends and moved dpkg from ...Mark Walters
2022-10-04Added perl-syntax-keyword-try as a makedependsMark Walters
2022-10-04Version updateMark Walters
2022-02-11Version updateMark Walters
2021-03-18Thanks for the fix!Moses Narrow
2020-07-21Updated: 2.1.7GoliathLabs
2020-07-04Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2020-06-18Updated: apt 2.1.6 + po4a 0.59.1GoliathLabs
2020-05-10adopted apt; switch to debian package conversion method (instead of compiling...Moses Narrow
2020-04-20Updated: 2.0.2GoliathLabs
2020-04-01Updated: 2.0.1 releasedGoliathLabs
2020-03-17Updated: to 2.0.0GoliathLabs
2020-01-12Updated to 1.9.5Felix Golatofski
2018-12-01update pkgMichael DeGuzis
2018-05-17update pkgMichael DeGuzis
2018-02-25new versionMichael DeGuzis
2017-10-21update tagMichael DeGuzis
2017-07-19update releaseMichael DeGuzis
2017-05-21update relMichael DeGuzis
2017-04-06update to 1.4professorkaos64
2016-12-13clean up varsprofessorkaos64
2016-12-13conflict with git pkgprofessorkaos64
2016-12-13conflict with git pkgprofessorkaos64
2016-12-13work in cmake build processprofessorkaos64
2016-08-27downgrade to 1.2.14 and fix buildMark Weiman
2016-08-19update to 1.3~rc2Mark Weiman
2016-07-23update to 1.3~pre2Mark Weiman
2016-06-22update to 1.2.14-1Mark Weiman
2016-05-16update to 1.2.12-1Mark Weiman
2016-04-16update to 1.2.10Mark Weiman
2016-04-02update to 1.2.9-1 (.SRCINFO)Mark Weiman
2016-04-02update to 1.2.9-1Mark Weiman
2016-03-26update to 1.2.8-1Mark Weiman
2016-03-15update to 1.2.6-1Mark Weiman
2016-03-07update to 1.2.5-1Mark Weiman
2016-02-15update to 1.2.3-1Mark Weiman
2016-02-02update to 1.2.1-1Mark Weiman
2016-01-10update to 1.1.10-1Mark Weiman
2015-12-28updated to 1.1.9-1Mark Weiman
2015-10-07update to Weiman
2015-10- Kolesnykov
2015-06-09Initial importYurii Kolesnykov
2015-06-09Initial importYurii Kolesnykov