AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-17fix deps, patch /boot/config.txt in install file & stop fan when service is s...Tony Fettes
2021-01-10Remove Python virtual environment setup.Tony Fettes
2020-11-11Update argonone.install to match binary filestonyfettes
2020-10-28Fix compiler error when install RPi.GPIOtonyfettes
2020-08-15Update pip before installation.tonyfettes
2020-08-08Update pip & modules before update.tonyfettes
2020-06-23Change upstream from Elrondo46 to kounch.tonyfettes
2020-06-22Add backup entry.tonyfettes
2020-06-22Temporary conf file backup feature(maybe).tonyfettes
2020-06-21Temporary conf file backup feature(maybe).tonyfettes
2020-06-21Creating package.tonyfettes