AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-19Release 0.96.5Jonathan la Cour
2018-04-27Release 0.96.4Jonathan la Cour
2017-10-12Add symlink for bin and update licenses/conflictsJonathan la Cour
2017-10-12Release (0.96.4 RC1)Jonathan la Cour
2017-09-22Correct building; remove Makefile patchJonathan la Cour
2016-05-07Remove extra spacing from install fileJonathan la Cour
2016-04-02Version updateJonathan la Cour
2016-04-02Search across branches for latest tagJonathan la Cour
2016-03-29Updated pkgver with improved git describe commandJonathan la Cour
2016-03-29Updated package URLJonathan la Cour
2016-02-15Switched to new official goatpig forkJonathan la Cour
2015-11-11Update to 0.93.3 R4Jonathan la Cour
2015-10-29Updated SRCINFO for v0.93.3 releaseJonathan la Cour
2015-10-29Updated for v0.93.3Jonathan la Cour
2015-08-20Updated versionJonathan la Cour
2015-06-08Initial importJonathan la Cour