AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-07fix symlinks with -r relative flag; pkgrel=7Ryan Jacobs
2019-09-07pkgrel=6Ryan Jacobs
2019-09-07reword LD_LIB disclaimerRyan Jacobs
2019-09-07symlink the .so files to the standard /usr/lib/ pathRyan Jacobs
2019-09-07add multiproc build backRyan Jacobs
2019-09-07remove -j flag from make; pkgrel=5Ryan Jacobs
2019-09-07xz: force decompressionRyan Jacobs
2019-09-07Revert "remove -j flag from make; pkgrel=5"Ryan Jacobs
2019-09-07remove -j flag from make; pkgrel=5Ryan Jacobs
2019-08-21install; pkgrel=4Ryan Jacobs
2019-08-21update readme with AUR notes ; generate .SRCINFORyan Jacobs
2019-08-21set pkgrel=3Ryan Jacobs
2019-08-21use official udev rules provided in the git repoRyan Jacobs
2019-08-20fix repo name in readmeRyan Jacobs
2019-08-20update .SRCINFORyan Jacobs
2019-08-20increment releaseRyan Jacobs
2019-08-20remove ninja remove the build depsRyan Jacobs
2019-08-20grammarRyan Jacobs
2019-08-20git initRyan Jacobs