AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-01bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-12-20bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-12-11add qt5-websockets and bump for first releaseJosip Ponjavic
2017-11-19adjust for upstream code restructureJosip Ponjavic
2017-09-11switch from cmake to qmake, more reliableJosip Ponjavic
2017-07-08adjust depends, and remove icon install lineJosip Ponjavic
2017-06-17fix icon nameJosip Ponjavic
2017-06-09bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-06-08cleanupJosip Ponjavic
2017-06-08bump, update pkgverJosip Ponjavic
2017-05-01bump, remove cmake patch...Josip Ponjavic
2017-04-27update cmake patchJosip Ponjavic
2017-04-17patch cmake for desktop file and iconJosip Ponjavic
2017-04-15Initial importJosip Ponjavic