AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-20update upstream info for backup-confLara Maia
2024-06-19update to v5.2.2Lara Maia
2016-07-09Add sha256sumsFernando Manfredi
2016-07-03Version bumpFernando Manfredi
2016-01-09Update to version 5.1.1Lara Maia
2015-08-31Patched a bug in rm obsoletes functionFernando Manfredi
2015-08-31Version update to 5.1Fernando Manfredi
2015-06-12revert "Initial import" commited by aur2aur4.shLara Maia
2015-06-12Initial importLara Maia
2015-06-10Add diff and colordiff as an optional dependencyLara Maia
2015-06-10OopsLara Maia
2015-06-10Oops: Update mksrcinfoLara Maia
2015-06-10Update package to version 5.0Lara Maia
2015-06-09Initial importLara Maia