AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-09For the udev rules, use uaccess instead of mode=0666Charles Bos
2018-07-05Drop settings and patches relating to barrydesktop which we no longer buildCharles Bos
2018-07-05Install udev rules file to allow barrybackup to be launched as non-root userCharles Bos
2018-07-05Revert "Remove barrybackup desktop entry. barrybackup needs root to work"Charles Bos
2018-07-05Remove barrybackup desktop entry. barrybackup needs root to workCharles Bos
2018-07-05Disable compilation of the barrydesktop control panel, add desktop file for t...Charles Bos
2018-06-18Use github as homepage because netdirect website no longer exists. also use g...Charles Bos
2017-06-17fix icorrect wxgtk package - should have been 2, not 3Charles Bos
2017-06-17fix a few outdated dependency namesCharles Bos
2016-08-23take url out of arrayCharles Bos
2016-05-09remove install fileCharles Bos
2015-10-25update to 0.18.5, add comment to .desktop file, disable werror with compiler ...Charles Bos
2015-10-24update dependency - libusb replaces libusbxCharles Bos
2015-10-24build with std=c+11 to keep compatibility with libxml++ and friendsCharles Bos
2015-06-09Initial commitCharles Bos