AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-06-06bump version to 0.41.5Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-11-25bump version to 0.41.4Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-11-19bump version to 0.41.3Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2019-06-16bump to version 0.41.2Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2019-06-16bump to version 0.41.1Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
We no longer depend on ISL19.
2018-10-18add version limit (for 0.41.1 bump soon)Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2018-04-22version bumpHans-Nikolai Viessmann
we now no longer support ISL <= 0.17.
2018-04-22minor bumpHans-Nikolai Viessmann
latest version of NTL (v11) uses pthreads for some reason so we need to build barvinok with the correct linking flags. Also dropped i686 support - as per ArchLinux standard.
2017-05-12Updated to 0.40Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2016-06-14Updated to version 0.39Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2015-09-16Updated to 0.38Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2015-06-08Updating for migration AUR4Hans-Nikolai Viessmann