AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-04-05upgpkg: bastet 0.43.2-6George Rawlinson
* Switch source to git commit from github tarball. * Fix FTBFS due to -Werror=format-security.
2021-03-04upgpkg: bastet 0.43.2-5George Rawlinson
Fix conflicting sysusers.d configuration file Previous package version emits warning at installation: > (1/7) Creating system user accounts... > Two or more conflicting lines for games configured, ignoring. The package core/filesystem already adds games as group.
2021-03-02upgpkg: bastet 0.43.2-4George Rawlinson
2018-07-29build: general clean upGeorge Rawlinson
2018-07-15Updated new maintainer, added a patch to fx buildingJesse Harjunpää
2017-06-12bastet: 0.43.1 -> 0.43.2Jens Adam
2015-07-06bastet: pkgrel -2, fix source downloadJens Adam
2015-07-05Initial importJens Adam