AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-04Update to 0.8.8JC Francois
2019-03-31Update to 0.8.7JC Francois
2019-03-27Tentative fix for ./beaker.browser.0.8.6.AppImage: No such file or directoryJC Francois
2019-03-27Tentative fix for ./beaker.browser.0.8.6.AppImage: No such file or directoryJC Francois
2019-03-20Update to 0.8.6JC Francois
2019-03-12Update to 0.8.5JC Francois
2019-02-09Corrected issue with changed src folder structureJC Francois
2019-02-08Upgrade to 0.8.3JC Francois
2018-11-30Update to 0.8.2JC Francois
2018-11-24Update to 0.8.1JC Francois
2018-10-22Update to the .SRCINFO fileJC Francois
2018-10-22Update to release 0.8.0JC Francois
2018-09-09Updated to 0.8.0-prerelease 9JC Francois
2018-08-26Fixed missing directory during makepkgJC Francois
2018-08-18Unpack AppImage and use local electron installation to resolve some segfault ...JC Francois
2018-08-16Fix for segmentation fault on archJC Francois
2018-08-13Update to 0.8.0 pre-release 7JC Francois
2018-08-13Update to 0.8.0 prerelease 7JC Francois
2018-06-07updated to 0.8.0-prerelease.6JC Francois
2018-04-08Cosmetic modification to .desktop fileJC Francois
2018-04-08Update to 0.8.0-prerealease.5JC Francois
2018-02-09Made beaker-browser executable from the command lineJC Francois
2018-01-25This release contains a security patch for Windows users, along with a small ...JC Francois
2018-01-03Added reminder to simplifiy next releaseJC Francois
2018-01-03Corrected minor bug with deletion of files installed by AppImageJC Francois
2018-01-03Initial commitJC Francois