AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-05-19Update to V1.3.2Bian Jiaping
2021-02-25Update to V1.3Bian Jiaping
2019-01-21Add pkgver to downloaded source file nameBian Jiaping
2018-09-17Update checksumsBian Jiaping
2018-07-31Replace setuid with capabilities for better securityBian Jiaping
2018-07-31Update to V1.2Bian Jiaping
2018-06-01Update to V1.1.5Bian Jiaping
2017-07-05Update to V1.1.4Bian Jiaping
2017-03-05Update to V1.1.3Bian Jiaping
2016-12-29Update to V1.1.2Bian Jiaping
2016-11-10Update to v1.1.1Bian Jiaping
2016-11-08Update to V1.1Bian Jiaping
2016-10-26InitializeBian Jiaping