AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-15depend on cdrtoolsyar
2018-02-03/usr/sbin -> bin/yar
2018-02-03upstream has changed a lot (finally)yar
2017-11-16support new 20MiB FAT imageyar
2017-11-16ignore namcap.logyar
2016-09-22ignore repo, logs, pkgyar
2016-09-22upstream moved to githubyar
2015-03-19replace empty md5sums with sha512sumsyar
2014-07-14[biosdisk-git] exact git commit to repel MITMyar
2014-07-14[biosdisk-git] urls changedyar
2014-02-15[biosdisk-git] dos2unix is better than hd2uyar
2014-02-15[biosdisk-git] new pkgver formatyar
2014-02-15[biosdisk-git] fix upyar
2014-02-15[biosdisk-git] import from AURyar