AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-22Update forgotten .SRCINFO to effectively apply the last commitVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-07-22update to + fix build with openssl-1.0 + some refactoringVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-05-07update to Grousset/tuxayo
2017-05-04update to Grousset/tuxayo
2017-05-02update to Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-30update to + improve pkgver()Victor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-30Post install message: fix command to start bitcoindVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-25bump to v1.0.1.4 r944 commit e78ce5eVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-17fix pkgver() to not duplicate revision numberVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-17fix source to point on the branch and not the tagVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-16bump to r929 (commit 6a06bda43)Victor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-16bump revision number to update to latest ommit on release branchVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-08replace some remaining tabs by spacesVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-08fixe .SRCINFO whose update was forgottenVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2017-04-08update to Grousset/tuxayo
2016-10-08added supported archs explicitlyredfish
2016-10-08bump to 0.12.1 and fix pkgverredfish
2016-10-08update upstream URLredfish
2016-10-08updated maintainerredfish
2016-03-18Update git repo addressUncle Hunto
2016-03-17Update to 0.12Uncle Hunto
2016-02-06cleanup bitcoin.confUncle Hunto
2015-12-30Update URLUncle Hunto
2015-12-30Initial importUncle Hunto