AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-15Supporting lib boost version 1.72.0Behnam Momeni
2019-10-12Switching from scons to python2-sconsBehnam Momeni
2017-06-01Fixing operator ambiguitiesBehnam Momeni
2017-03-04Updating libxml++2.6 dependencyBehnam Momeni
2016-06-18Updating to upstream version 1.2.4Behnam Momeni
2016-03-12Patching codes to compile with the ffmpeg 3.0Behnam Momeni
2016-01-19Patching deprecated API calls from the boost libraryBehnam Momeni
2015-11-26Adding two patches to make it compilable with g++ 5.2.0Behnam Momeni
2015-11-21Adding three patch filesBehnam Momeni
2015-06-10Initial importAskhat Bakarov