AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-04buildflags make a problemTaegil Bae
2020-08-23upstream updateTaegil Bae
2019-05-17Delete unneeded patchesTaegil Bae
2019-05-16Change source repo to demokritos' oneTaegil Bae
2019-05-12patch: fix qml-related messages for tethys, metro skinsTaegil Bae
2019-03-06updated waf to 2.0.14 and corrected waf download URLTaegil Bae
2018-08-18Upgrade waf to fix error in compiling MPVTaegil Bae
2018-05-21upstream patchedTaegil Bae
2018-05-10update PKGBUILDTaegil Bae
2018-05-10update .SRCINFOTaegil Bae
2018-05-10Against ffmpeg 4.0Taegil Bae
2018-03-23Upstream patch: added a subtitle extention .supTaegil Bae
2018-01-20Removed the temporary patch as upstream was updatedTaegil Bae
2017-12-19Added a patch for Qt 5.10Taegil Bae
2017-10-19Changed git repo to an active forkTaegil Bae
2016-08-19Removed the install scriptTaegil Bae
2016-08-19Xylosper, the developer, is back!Taegil Bae
2016-07-22Updated .SRCINFOTaegil Bae
2016-07-22Fix compilation errorsTaegil Bae
2015-08-15changed emailKaan Kasım
2015-08-12Initial importKaan Kasım