AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-07change my name and update urlAlexandr Epaneshnikov
2019-04-07update srcinfoAlexandr Epaneshnikov
2019-04-07updateAlexandr Epaneshnikov
2019-02-24fix src infoerik-pro
2019-02-24Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-02-24new versionerik-pro
2019-02-24new versionerik-pro
2019-02-15removed not working optionserik-pro
2019-02-11update pkgbuilderik-pro
2018-03-06Updated versionKelly Prescott
2017-06-12disabled polkit as it is not needed for TalkingArch.Kelly Prescott
2017-06-12Updated to latest version.Kelly Prescott
2017-06-12Updated to latest version.Kelly Prescott
2016-12-10removed polkit for TalkingArchKelly Prescott
2016-12-10updated to 5.4Kelly Prescott
2016-04-18Updated to ver 5.3.1 of package.Kelly Prescott
2015-11-08updated release because of need to recompile for arch releaseKelly Prescott
2015-07-19Initial importKelly Prescott