AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-02[upd] Update to version 2.0.03r1268Zoë Sparks
2018-07-16[upd] Update to version 2.0.02r1246Zoë Sparks
2018-07-03[upd] Update to version 2.0.0r1240Zoë Sparks
2018-06-21Add webkit2gtk to depends arrayZoë Sparks
2018-06-16[upd] Update to version 2.0.0r1236Zoë Sparks
2018-05-30[upd] SRCINFOEugene Cherny
2018-05-30...Eugene Cherny
2018-05-30[fix] desktop entries missing from package()Eugene Cherny
2018-05-26[rm] fix_default_dirs.patchEugene Cherny
2018-05-26[fix] updates in cabbageBuild by spinnylights from AUREugene Cherny
2018-04-23[*]Eugene Cherny
2018-04-23[fix] checksumsEugene Cherny
2018-04-23[rm] buildCabbageEugene Cherny
2018-04-23[fix] updated SRCINFOEugene Cherny
2018-04-23[+] proper distribution with fixed cabbage pathsEugene Cherny
2018-03-25[rm] fix_paths.patchEugene Cherny
2018-03-25[fix] replace .projucer patches with sed to avoid CRLF issuesEugene Cherny
2018-03-24[init]Eugene Cherny