AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-06-04Point to Gitlab URL nowShadowKyogre
2017-04-05Separate GTK+3 build into separate PKGBUILDShadowKyogre
2017-04-04Turn ccsm-git into a split packageShadowKyogre
Making ccsm-git a split package made it easier for ccsm to be built against GTK+2 or GTK+3. On a miscellaneous note, hicolor-icon-theme was added to the dependencies after checking the built packages with namcap.
2016-06-18Build with python3ShadowKyogre
2016-05-25Properly reflect python2-cairo depShadowKyogre
It's kind of confusing when PangoCairo's from python2-gobject.
2016-04-11Standardize format of compiz git PKGBUILDsShadowKyogre
2016-03-28Fix gobject dependency, courtesy of TerrowinShadowKyogre
2016-03-28Update to point to github reposShadowKyogre
2015-12-14Make gitified compiz PKGBUILD: ccsm-gitShadowKyogre