AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-19Updated to version 2.7.0Alessandro Gario
2016-12-31Small fix to the .desktop file: properly pass the file name to the applicatio...Alessandro Gario
2016-12-30Small fix: the .SRCINFO contained the old version number.Alessandro Gario
2016-12-30Updated to version 2.6.3Alessandro Gario
2016-11-06Added a missing dependency: xcb-util-renderutilAlessandro Gario
2016-11-04Package release changed to 2; added a small description to the beginning of t...Alessandro Gario
2016-11-04The required Python packages has been updated.Alessandro Gario
2016-07-26Updated to version 2.6.2.Alessandro Gario
2016-05-16Added a .gitignore file, more comments and a missing dependency.Alessandro Gario
2016-05-16Fixed a typo in the download URL of the Python library.Alessandro Gario
2016-05-16Version 2.6.0 for Linux x64.Alessandro Gario