AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-17update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2022-11-22update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2022-11-19update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2022-11-054.4.0Mark Wagie
2022-10-15update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2022-10-07fix typoMark Wagie
2022-10-07update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2022-08-284.3.3Mark Wagie
2022-08-27update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2022-08-264.3.2Mark Wagie
2022-08-10update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2022-08-09update conf.ymlMark Wagie
2022-08-094.3.1Mark Wagie
2022-08-074.3.0Mark Wagie
2022-08-054.2.7Mark Wagie
2022-08-034.2.6Mark Wagie
2022-07-054.2.5Mark Wagie
2022-07-044.2.4Mark Wagie
2022-03-18clean module cache for makepkg -CMark Wagie
2022-02-19use local GOPATHMark Wagie
2022-02-19use build folder, download deps in prepare() for offline buildingMark Wagie
2021-10-094.2.3Mark Wagie
2021-07-07adjust cheatsheets license nameMark Wagie
2021-06-09use versioned cheatsheet licenseMark Wagie
2021-06-094.2.2Mark Wagie
2021-04-284.2.1Mark Wagie
2021-02-27go 1.16 rebuildMark Wagie
2020-12-05revert previous commitMark Wagie
2020-12-03compress man pageMark Wagie
2020-11-284.2.0Mark Wagie
2020-11-034.1.1Mark Wagie
2020-09-09fix license checksums, revert using static commit for cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2020-09-07revert using Makefile, use static commit for cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2020-09-054.1.0Mark Wagie
2020-09-01updated cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2020-08-30update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2020-08-23updated to 4.0.4Mark Wagie
2020-08-13update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2020-08-08updated to 4.0.3Mark Wagie
2020-07-27left something out by accidentMark Wagie
2020-07-27use makefile, correct archMark Wagie
2020-07-13install zsh completion to docMark Wagie
2020-07-11updated to 4.0.2Mark Wagie
2020-06-30update conf.ymlMark Wagie
2020-06-30updated to 4.0.1Mark Wagie
2020-06-25updated to 4.0.0Mark Wagie
2020-06-18update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2020-06-01update build flags according to guidelinsMark Wagie
2020-05-21update cheatsheetsMark Wagie
2020-05-15updated to 3.10.1Mark Wagie