AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-28add commentsMark Wagie
2021-02-27go 1.16 rebuildMark Wagie
2020-12-05revert previous commitMark Wagie
2020-12-03fix typoMark Wagie
2020-12-03compress man pageMark Wagie
2020-09-07revert using MakefileMark Wagie
2020-07-27left something out by accidentMark Wagie
2020-07-27fix typoMark Wagie
2020-07-27use makefile, correct archMark Wagie
2020-07-14fix typoMark Wagie
2020-07-13install zsh completion to docMark Wagie
2020-06-30update conf.ymlMark Wagie
2020-06-01update build flags according to guidelinesMark Wagie
2020-05-21adjust makedependsMark Wagie
2020-05-15all arch now supportedMark Wagie
2020-05-02use local to avoid using /home/yochanan/goMark Wagie
2020-04-21fix typo, add cheatsheets license sourceMark Wagie
2020-04-08reverted conflict with zsh-completions, don't install completion file for nowMark Wagie
2020-04-07uncomment stuffMark Wagie
2020-04-07add zsh-completions to conflictsMark Wagie
2020-04-07forgot a few thingsMark Wagie
2020-04-07PKGBUILD rewriteMark Wagie
2019-01-30Fixed small errors in PKGBUILDQuan Guo
2019-01-30Add more completion functionsQuan Guo
2019-01-30Add zsh and fish competionQuan Guo
2018-06-18Update the conflictsQuan Guo
2018-06-18Change optdepends to python2-pygments and..Quan Guo
2017-06-30Bump to 2.2.0Quan Guo
2016-09-04Bump to 2.1.26Quan Guo
2016-06-13Bump to 2.1.25Quan Guo
2016-03-10Bump to 2.1.23Quan Guo
2016-03-10Bump to Guo
2016-02-18Bump to Guo
2015-10-05Bump to version 2.1.15Quan Guo
2015-06-17Update to 2.1.8Quan Guo
2015-06-17Initial importQuan Guo