AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-12-08checkpolicy 3.0-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2019-03-16checkpolicy 2.9-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2018-05-26checkpolicy 2.8-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2017-08-11checkpolicy 2.7-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2016-11-20checkpolicy 2.6-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2016-02-27checkpolicy 2.5-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2015-04-16checkpolicy: add libselinux minimum version in dependsNicolas Iooss
checkpolicy needs at least version 2.4 of libselinux to compile. No pkgrel bump because if the package has already been successfully built, there is no need to build it again.
2015-02-22checkpolicy 2.4-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2014-10-23Change maintainerNicolas Iooss
2014-09-16Update SELinux userspace tools and library upstreamNicolas Iooss
Upstream moved to github
2014-05-22checkpolicy 2.3-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2014-01-16checkpolicy 2.2-2 updateTimothée Ravier
2014-01-02Add conflicts and provides declarationsNicolas Iooss
This eases the upgrade from selinux- and selinux-usr- packages to new package names
2013-11-03General update: SELinux userspace & pkg renamingTimothée Ravier