AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-03Update version: 3.5.13 → 3.6.57Marc A. Paradise
2018-11-20Update version: 3.4.38 → 3.5.13Trevor Bramble
2018-11-06Update version: 3.3.23 → 3.4.38Trevor Bramble
2018-10-04Update version: 3.2.30 → 3.3.23Trevor Bramble
2018-09-14Update version: 3.1.0 → 3.2.30Trevor Bramble
2018-07-06Update version: 3.0.36 → 3.1.0Trevor Bramble
2018-05-29Update version: 2.5.3 → 3.036Trevor Bramble
2018-03-07Update version: 2.4.17 → 2.5.3Trevor Bramble
2017-12-012.4.17Maksim Kraev
2017-10-052.3.4Maksim Kraev
2017-09-03new versionMaksim Kraev
2017-07-17Update chef-dk to 2.0.28Wolf
2017-06-21v1.5.0Maksim Kraev
2017-05-251.4.3Maksim Kraev
2017-04-18src-info updateMaksim Kraev
2017-04-181.3.43Maksim Kraev
2017-04-07Bump to 1.3.40Greg Fitzgerald
2017-02-09Bump to 1.2.22Greg Fitzgerald
2016-12-31Update to 1.1.16Greg Fitzgerald
2016-11-17Bump to 1.0.3Greg Fitzgerald
2016-10-20Bump to 0.19.6Greg Fitzgerald
2016-09-29Upgrade to 0.18.30Greg Fitzgerald
2016-09-26Forgot to run mksrcinfoGreg Fitzgerald
2016-09-24Bump to 0.18.26Greg Fitzgerald
2016-08-170.17.17Maxim Kraev
2016-07-2216.28Maxim Kraev
2016-07-06hash updatedMaxim Kraev
2016-07-060.15.16Maxim Kraev
2016-06-210.15.15Maxim Kraev
2016-05-30fix for missed binariesMaxim Kraev
2016-05-2014.25Maxim Kraev
2016-04-2613.21 version is outMaxim Kraev
2016-03-240.12.0 version releasedMaxim Kraev
2016-02-240.11.2Maxim Kraev
2016-02-22src info updateMaxim Kraev
2016-02-220.11.0Maxim Kraev
2015-11-220.10Maxim Kraev
2015-10-090.9.0Maxim Kraev
2015-10-090.9.0Maxim Kraev
2015-09-250.8.0 versionMaxim Kraev
2015-08-18updated to the new 0.7.0 versionMaxim Kraev
2015-07-12update, 0.6.2Maxim Kraev
2015-06-09Initial importMaxim Kraev