AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-10Revert "Fix eigen"bartus
This reverts commit aacc645091f8ad523078ee1c1b03511d1e0af6b4.
2020-10-08Fix eigenbartus
2020-10-08Switch thrust to the one packaged with cuda.bartus
2020-08-04Pin last compatible cuda version.bartus
2020-07-04Pop versionbartus
2020-07-04Add mklbartus
2020-07-04Fix ChronoEngine_fsi legacy fea library linker flag.bartus
2020-07-04Enable extra modulesbartus
2020-07-04Switch [community]/openscade to [AUR]/ocebartus
* required cascade version <=7.2
2020-07-04Switch checksums to sha256bartus
2020-07-04Fix pkgdesc and drop commented out lines.bartus
2020-07-04Add .shellcheckrc and fix warnings.bartus
2019-04-03pop verbartus
2018-12-05update opencascade.patchbartus
2018-11-18add missing submodulebartus
2018-08-15refactor dependenciesbartus
fix glm compiler error enable cosimulation module prepare cascade module, not enabled yet
2017-09-23update to version 3.0, add extra modules, move demos to /bin/chronoengine, ↵bartus
add demos to PATH
2016-01-07fixMichel Zou
2016-01-07Initial importMichel Zou