AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysAdded SRCINFOMendel Greenberg
7 daysUpgraded VersionMendel Greenberg
2017-11-07Provide checksums for all filesTom Bebbington
2017-11-07Use clearer IDs for buildsTom Bebbington
2017-11-07Update nightly release and remove non-functional version updaterTom Bebbington
2017-11-07Update pkgverTom Bebbington
2017-11-04Add some checksums for scriptsTom Bebbington
2017-11-04Add wrappers to work around Citra not finding libcurl3Tom Bebbington
2017-11-04Update version, add auto version retriveral scriptTom Bebbington
2017-02-19Update .srcinfoTom Bebbington
2017-02-19Use new nightly URL, correct most dependencies having commas between them, an...Tom Bebbington
2016-06-28Initial commitTom Bebbington