AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-07Upgrading to version 1.8 and switching build process to cmakedpayne
2018-04-17Updating to 1.7dpayne
2017-05-05Fixing SRCINFOdpayne
2017-04-25Updating to version 1.6dpayne
2016-12-14Updating to version 1.5dpayne
2016-12-14Updating to version 1.4dpayne
2016-06-16Bumping version to latestdpayne
2016-02-15Fixing installdpayne
2016-02-15Using tarball instead of git to builddpayne
2016-01-09Updating srcinfo versiondpayne
2016-01-09Updating versiondpayne
2016-01-09Updating info messagedpayne
2016-01-09Using install instead of cpdpayne
2016-01-09Fixing creating sample directorydpayne
2016-01-09Adding srch infodpayne
2016-01-09No longer touching users config directorydpayne
2016-01-08Removing extra install filedpayne
2016-01-08Fixing installdpayne
2016-01-08More closely follows the Arch packaging standardsdpayne
2016-01-05Moving to .config for the directorydpayne
2016-01-03Adding safe fifo commanddpayne
2015-12-27Updating post install messagedpayne
2015-12-27Adding config filesdpayne
2015-12-27Using install instead of make installdpayne
2015-12-27Fixing yaourt builddpayne
2015-12-26Fixing make installdpayne
2015-12-26Adding initial files for cli visualizerdpayne