AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-10New version 1.14.1Philipp Claßen
2017-06-27Bump pkgrel to fix bad sha256sum hash. Old tagged release, my bad ūü§¶√Čtienne Deparis
2017-06-27Fixed hashPhilipp Claßen
2017-06-27New release 1.14.0√Čtienne Deparis
2017-06-17Finally, 1.13.6 compiles fine with no graphical glitch√Čtienne Deparis
2017-05-18Bump to 1.13.4√Čtienne Deparis
2017-05-18Bump to 1.13.2Philipp Claßen
2017-05-12Bump to 1.13.0√Čtienne Deparis
2017-04-14Bump to version 1.12.1√Čtienne Deparis
2017-03-31Begin to work on 1.12 version√Čtienne Deparis
2017-03-21New version 1.11.1√Čtienne Deparis
2017-02-15Bump to 1.11.0 version√Čtienne Deparis
2017-02-08Add .gitignore file√Čtienne Deparis
2017-02-06[FIX] sha256sum version problem√Čtienne Deparis
2017-02-02New pkgbuild version√Čtienne Deparis
2017-01-19First real release by compiling source code from github√Čtienne Deparis
2016-12-26Initial release based on deb package√Čtienne Deparis